How to Fix Fail to Connect Email Account to iPad 2?

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Failing to connect email account to iPad2 is a concern recently. When you found your email could not be connected and said “pop3 server is not responding”. At this time, you wanted to delete your orginal account and connected again, but you failed.
After reading this article you will know how to fix fail to connect email account to iPad 2.

Method 1. Check SMTP Settings to Connect Email Account to iPad 2.

Before connecting email account to iPad 2, you should click Settings to choose mail, and then tap contacts to open calendars. Under email accounts, tap the account from which you’re trying to send mail. Under outgoing mail server, tap smtp. Tap the smtp server for your email account and verify the settings are correct. If you have many email accounts on iPad, try to use an smtp server from another account. Tap the stmp account and connect email account on the on or off slider.

Method 2. Reset All Settings to Connect Email Account to iPad 2.

In order to connect email account to ipad 2 smoothly, you can reset all settings, reboot and try again. Or you could try to restore from a backup (.abbu, .bks) folder, if you haven’t store backup file since before the problem occurred. You are trying to set up the account right on the iPad correct, but not trying to sync the account from PC. If you do that you can found that it dosen’t usful for fixing fail connect. It’s best to set up mail right on the iPad 2.

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