How to jailbreak iPad for free

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By jailbreaking, you iPad will become more powerful than ever. Want to download and use any iPad apps even if they are not available on Apple App Store? Want to customize your iPad using your favourite backgrounds, pictures, sounds? Want to call somebody or send SMS with your iPad? All these things can be done easily on a jailbroken iPad.

iPad jailbreaking process is not difficult at all. Just check the following step-by-step tutorials to jailbreak iPad 3G and iPad WiFi now.

Why do you need to jailbreak iPad?

Download more applications to your iPad. As you know, there are lots of exceptional iPad Apps that are not available through iTunes App Store. By jailbreaking iPad file system, both of which are accessible. What’s more, a jailbroken iPad is still able to use and upgrade applications downloaded and purchased from Apple’s official App Store.

Customize graphics, sounds and more.
Bypass any activation requirements. Use any carrier you like in any country by unlocking if the iPad is sold locked to specific carriers with a mobile data plan. Certainly, Apple is selling the iPad 3G carrier-unlocked (unlike the iPhone), so there’ll be no need for redsn0w or blacksn0w, just insert a Micro-SIM from the network of your choice!

Much more. multitask, using Magic mouse with iPad, updating twitter without having to launch an app like qTweeter. And also bring phone calling / SMS capabilities over-the-air to iPad 3G, etc.

The difference: jailbreak vs unlock

Jailbreaking allows you to install the 3rd party applications, customize any settings by unlocking iPad firmware.

Unlocking, however allows you use any carrier, any sim-card in the world that does not work with Apple.

Connect iPad to iPhone and share iPhone’s network

With the jailbreak tethering application like MyWi on the iPhone, you can connect to that shared data connection with iPad’s Wi-Fi. Or else, just make a WiFi HotSpot so that you can connect your laptop, iPhone or other mobile devices to your iPad. This should save you the $130 price jump for 3G enabled iPads as well as the $15 or likely $30/month iPad data package from AT&T.

Hints: MyWi is a iPhone app which helps you create WiFi Hotspot to connect mutiple laptops or mobile devices

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