How to Transfer Music & Photo from iPod to iPhone

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When iPhone 5 releases, people get excited to buy and they can’t wait to move all their files on old iPod to iPad for entertainment, such as music and photos. However, it seems a little trouble in transfer because you have to copy them from iPod to iTunes and then export them from iTunes to iPhone. How can you solve it?

TunesGo is what you are looking for. TunesGo is used to back up files on your iPad/iPhone/iPod in ease. It allows you to export files such as music, photos, podcast, TV shows and so on from iPod, iPhone and iPod to iTunes or computer. Here, we focus on music/photo transfer from iPod to iPhone.

Free download the trial version from here and follow the guidance. ( See more the version of Mac TunesGo )

Easy Guidance: How to Transfer Media from iPod Touch to iPhone 5?

Step 1: Launch the apps and connect devices with computer After installation, launch the apps. Connect iPod Touch and iPhone with your computer via USB cables. The software will search your devices automatically to bring up the interface. Information about iPod and iPhone is shown on the left column.


Step 2: Transfer music & photos from iPod Touch to iPhone If you would like to move music from iPod to iPhone, click the triangle near iPod. Click “Media” and then “Music” to open up music management window. Select your wanted songs. Click the triangle under the icon “Export to” to choose export to your iPhone.


If you want to transfer files from iPod to iPhone, including movies, TV shows, music videos, podcast and iTunes U, you can follow the same steps above.

If you intend to convert photos on iPod to iPhone for viewing anytime, move them to iPhone as well. Click “Photos” on the left directory tree to bring up two files, “Camera Roll” and “Photo Library”. Select photos from these two files. Click the triangle under “Export to” to choose “Export to your iPhone”.


Congratulations! All photos on your iPod have moved to iPhone. You can transfer music and photos from iPod to iPhone and manage files with TunesGo. To sum up, just choose the right one that suit your computer.

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